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PM-Wikis by ywesee

ywesee customises PM-Wiki's to your Taste. A Wiki is the perfect Tool for your personal Website. If you want to have your Resumé Online, show your images to the world, share your political opinion, slam you friend or anything else, do it WikiStyle.

Where do I start?

  1. Go to and grap yourself a domain name.
  2. Tell us the colors you want for: Text, Titel 1, Titel 2, Titel 3, Link, Header, Background.
  3. Put your Domain-Name and colors into an Email and send it to Zeno.
  4. Price? Standard-Feature-Setup: CHF 1'500.-, Yearly Hosting Fee CHF 120.- all exkl. VAT.

PM-Wiki's done by ywesee:

Other Wiki's by ywesee

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